Rising Star Quilt Show 2017

The 2017 Rising Star Quilt Show

Large Quilts

The 30th annual Quilt Show and Sale was held on Friday & Saturday, October 13 and 14, 2017 at St Brigid Church in Lexington at 1995 Massachusetts Ave.

Viewer's Choice Winners

For People's Choice Winning Quilts from this year plus all the winning quilts since 2001

Viewers' Choice Winners


  • 1st: Kate O'Leary Arlington Boogie Woogie
  • 2nd: Jean Necheles Waves of Brown
  • 3rd: Susan Campos Celebrations


  • 1st: Sue Colozzi Moonrise over Wing Pond
  • 2nd: Sue Colozzi Reeds in the Marsh
  • 3rd: Cathy Papazian. Willow Tree Aglow

Challenge: Out of the Box

  • 1st: Cathy Papazian Twin Lobster Special
  • 2nd: Lori Kay Frida's Wardrobe
  • 3rd: Marita Hartshorn Oops

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Benefit Quilts

Benefit Quilts

Wall Quilts
Wall Quilts

Some of the wall Quilts

Large Quilts

Some of the large Quilts

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The Boutique

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2017 Raffle Quilt: Oh My Stars and Garters

 Oh My Stars and Garters

RSQ's 2017 raffle quilt "Oh My Stars and Garters!" is the product of a collaborative effort by members of the Rising Star Quilters Guild. Designed by guild member Betsy Habich, this beautiful machine pieced 86" X 86" quilt is a geometric design featuring the guild's signature "Rising Star" as the central medallion, surrounded by an inner row of 'garters' (piano keys), an inner round of Ohio Star blocks, an outer row of 'garters', and an outer round of 54-40 or Fight Stars. Pieced with donated and purchased batiks in a vibrant combination of blues and off-whites, this combination of three different stars with 'garters' truly illustrates the old expression of amazement and awe, 'oh my stars and garters' (modern translation: "oh wow!"). The quilt is machine quilted by Laurena McDermott using a neutral thread in an all-over field. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the charity "REACH - beyond domestic violence".

To see a larger version of the quilt, please click on the image.

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